Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy

West Bay, location of ITV's Broadchurch

West Bay, location of ITV's Broadchurch

CV & Publications

For full details of my professional activities see my Curriculum Vitae.

Please see the University of Reading's repository: Centaur for a complete list of 447 publications in numerical analysis, computational fluid dynamics, mathematics and science education and teaching and learning in mathematics.

I have published in three main areas:

  1. numerical analysis and computational fluid dynamics, including the development and analysis of numerical schemes for the solution of problems arising in applied mathematics

  2. mathematics and science education, at both school and university, and the school-university interface

  3. teaching and learning, primarily in higher education

The impact of this work is, in part, indicated by the numbers of citations:

  • work in the first (1) (91 publications) attracts citations on the Web of Science where these articles have a citation count of 592 and an h-index of 9

  • on Google Scholar I have 1336 citations, and an h-index of 14

  • on ResearchGate I have 856 citations, and an h-index of 11

  • on Mendeley I have 673 citations across 161 publications with 843 readers, 17,621 views (downloads of publications in ScienceDirect), and an h-index of 10